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Welcome to the oficial website of Attur, Rural Tourism in Tenerife.

Attur was created in 1994 in order to unite and represent the rural lodgings in Tenerife.

Our goal is promote the quality and sustainability of our properties as a guarantee of future of natural tourism in Tenerife ensuring direct contact between homeowners and clients, of course, offering you  a wonderful network of rural lodgings.

There are sizes, prices and characteristics for all the pleasures. For who wishes to share with others or that the strictest privacy wishes. You can choose between the most modern luxery or the most confortable austerity  or the most surprising panoramic or a dumb silence. There is a rural house waiting for you in Attur.

We propose a different holiday, to enjoy the beautiful island of Tenerife, traditions, stunning volcanic landscapes and, of course, our original rural architecture.

The madness of our current lives requires to plan our leisure time and what better option than surround  ourselves with nature, mountains in a beautifully restored cottage.

Our suggestion for your holiday runs from hiking, biking mountain climbing, or just activities such as photography, bird watching or astrology. Do you know that the sky of Tenerife is extraordinarily clear? The island hosts a major international astrophysics institute, the Canary Islands peaks offer excellent viewing conditions. But perhaps you only want  to relax with a book and your phone off ...


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La Hondura

El Cango

Casa Emblemática Los Morales

Estanco Viejo

Finca La Majadera

La Tinta

Los Alenes del Mar


Dos Barrancos

Hotel Las Cañadas

El Moral

La Era Vieja - La Gomera

Casa Ramón - La Gomera

La Vecindad - La Gomera


Los Gavilanes

La Hoyita

Finca El Picacho

Rural Las Llanadas

El Porte

Villa Acoroma


Casa Vidal

Casa Ida

Piedra Redonda

Virgen del Rosario

Abuelo Ramón - La Gomera

Casa La Punta - La Gomera

Tagora III - La Gomera

Las Piedras

Mamá Lola

La Rambla de los Caballos

La Tunera

Finca La Deseada

Finca El Patio de Tita

Finca El Paso

El Granero

Casa Uchán


Los Avestruces - La Gomera

Casa Emilia - La Gomera

La Era de las Rosas - La Gomera

Casa Eliseo - La Gomera

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